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Formula 3 Debut Win

In late June James travelled to The Bend Motorsport Park in South Australia with Brisbane based Formula 3 Team, Gilmour Racing. This team has a very strong and long lasting reputation in the Australian Formula 3 category for being a very well presented team with reliable and fast cars.

Before this weekend James had never competed in an open-wheel category before and it was very difficult for him to learn this new driving style in such a short amount of time.

By qualifying on Saturday he was getting up to speed and qualified in the top 5, even while struggling to stop his visor from becoming fogged up in the cold.

In the races he made up positions and kept reducing his lap times until he was level with the fastest car. In the final race James had a good start and was in 3rd by the end of lap 1, continuing to improve his pace, James made his way into the lead halfway through the race. From here he made a gap from the cars behind and set the fastest lap in the process.

Wilkins is very grateful for the opportunity to race in the fastest category in the country and believes it has helped him progress and become more experienced as a driver. Winning in his first ever race in the category has shown the incredible potential and talent that James possesses and he will continue to prove that in the future.

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