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T86RS - Round 1

86 at Winton

I had a disappointing end to the first round of the Toyota Racing Australia 86 Racing Series.

After qualifying further down the field than I would have liked, I was able to gain seven positions in race 1, to finish 17th.

In race 2 I had a reasonable start, only to get hit from behind in turn 10, sending me into the grass and forcing me to the rear of the field.

In race 3 I made up quite a few spots before the safety car, but I had a slide on turn 6 caused by a failed shock absorber, sending me off the track. I managed to get back on with a few cars still behind me but the race was almost over.

In the end I still finished high enough to secure a place in the next round.

Looking forward to round 2 of the #T86RS in August.

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